Chantal & Ian
Cranford / Feb 27, 2015

Cranford Country Lodge is a beautiful wedding venue set in the Midlands with charm and an amazing setting for a country themed wedding Download mozilla firefox for free. On arrival the weather was warm and dry. However as the ceremony drew closer mist began to surround the lodge and soon it began to drizzle. The wedding party decided to keep the ceremony outdoors and work with the elements whatsapp herunterladen macbook. During the middle of the ceremony we were visited by slightly heavier rain but it was worth getting wet to enjoy the misty scenery of the ceremony. It is always great when the photographer has her personal Sharks umbrella at hand for the bridal couple to use during the ceremony Download word frame for free!

Chantal and Ian braved the rain throughout the day and remained photogenic whilst walking with the horses through rain and drizzle disney plus appen op tv. We found the young Appaloosa horses at Cranford to be more than willing to be the in the pictures whilst trying to eat the bouquet and umbrellas!

The reception was fantastic fun and light-hearted with great speeches given by all skype for free for windows 10. The evening involved an awesome DJ, lots of dancing, obligatory tequila shots, and flower centre pieces becoming hats for photos.

A huge thank you to the bridal couple, friends and family for making us feel so welcome and for a fun filled wedding herunterladen! I wish you guys nothing but the best and I hope to see you soon for our next equestrian shoot next year!

Florist: Lorraine from Rose Florist
Photographer: Roxanne Davison Photography
DJ: North Coast Entertainment
Wedding cake: Lauren Lee Cake Couture
Hair and Makeup: Tarryn & Nola from Serendipi -t

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