Sophia & Peter
Jul 21, 2014

Sophia and Peter Simeoni wedding was a delight both to photograph and to enjoy!! Whilst the reception was held at the lovely Woodridge Country Estate many of the photographs were taken at Renaissance Cottages a neighbouring Estate. Tree lined driveways, lavender filled beds and grasslands gave me the ideal opportunity to shoot Sophia in a complimentary setting.

I arrived on Friday afternoon to freezing temperatures, biting cold winds and grey rainy skies. The next morning proved to be just as cold but slowly the sun began to make an appearance just in time for the ceremony.

Sophia was one of the most beautiful, genuine and calm brides I have had the pleasure of shooting. She simultaneously managed to get ready with elegance and grace, monitor set up proceedings whilst taking care of baby Chiara!

During the ceremony there were many special moments but one that set the wedding apart was the moving reaction from Peter as Sophia made her way down the aisle.

The reception was full of fun and laughter and whilst I was exceptionally busy capturing the many fun moments I thoroughly enjoyed myself!! A highlight was the Photobooth with the props very soon making their way to the dance floor with hilarious consequences.

It was such a pleasure to be involved in this lovely wedding with Sophia making a wonderful bride and the bridesmaids glowing in their sky blue wrap dresses.

Hair and make up by Charelle
Floristry and table deco by Coralees 

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