Winters Gold | Styled Shoot
Aug 20, 2015

Gilt edges, spidery gold straps, olive eyes with golden flecks and crisp clean air with a whimsical quality were the elements of inspiration for this bridal shoot.

Dress by Racine Denny

Lauren Lee Cake Couture

Ruby + Swallow- Wedding stationary

Renaissance Antiques, Midlands- Venue & props

Coralee’s Florist- Deco and flowers

Blu Betty Shoes-  Leather boots

coming soon

Roxanne Davison Photography

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Tell us about the dress: “The motivation behind the design for my dress is 1950s glamour. I drew inspiration from 1950s films such as, Funny Face and How to Marry a Millionaire. The 1950s was a time of the real movie star, a glamorous woman that embodied femininity.  I wanted the silhouette to enhance the female form, much like Dior did in the 1950s with his New Look range.

The colour of the dress was inspired by precious metals. I wanted the colour of the dress to be rich and bold. I therefore decided to focus on copper as well as gold. I used spun copper, gold and silver cotton thread as well as glass beads to create the handmade fabric used for the bodice of the dress. The end look is that of a contemporary lace effect that gives my design an interesting twist, instead of  simply using traditional lace.

Each piece of handmade fabric used on the dress was made for that particular part of the dress. By adopting this style of fabric making I can tailor make the dress, using the handmade fabric to exact specifications  of each design. Giving the dress created a completely unique look.

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